Harmaaan Tarar04/17/2024
Wassim Maherssi12/25/2023
Asya Fardoos10/25/2023
Billy Huff10/17/2023
El Mokhtar Ettiyib09/27/2023
Cozy and well equipped masjid.Abdul Rahim Ab Ghani03/14/2023
(Translated by Google) Alhamdulilah open!!! (Original) AlhamduliLlah Open!!!MUSAFIR PUTNIK12/07/2022
A nice, cozy little masjid. Serves the Muslim community in Conway and the students at UCA. The brothers are really sweet and helpful, and the masjid has a section for the sisters as well. Fittingly, it is close to places that serve desserts like Krispy Kreme donuts and Andy's ice cream!mir ali11/30/2022
Very nice place and nice people.Ibrahim A11/01/2022
miraj inc04/07/2022
Insya Allah, If I had a car I would go to this place from harrison ARNurcholis Sainuddin04/01/2022
This place brings 21 years of memories when we lived here in 2000.pineapple peach10/02/2021
Muhammad Haseeb Ur Rehman02/04/2021
As I was traveling across the country I prayed Jumah Feb 28 2020 in this mosque. The khateeb delivered a good sermon may Allah bless him.Thamer Supernova03/06/2020
Suleman Qari02/27/2020
Abdoul Bachir Zabeirou Oumarou12/31/2019
Islam is everywhereSyed Kalamuddin08/08/2019
Isma Hussain07/10/2019
Friendly place for everyoneSOUMAILA MOUSSA06/14/2019
Sharif Mahmood08/21/2018
Very nice masjidAmjed Farooqui12/26/2017
Mohammad Rashid12/04/2017
Neat facility.davila gt05/30/2016
(Translated by Google) Praise be to God, by whose grace good deeds are accomplished (Original) الحمدلله اللذي بنعمته تتم الصالحاتR B01/19/2016
Beautiful masjidUmar Iyoob12/31/2015
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