Rizwal Ali

Muhammad Usman

As my kids started to grow, I started searching for a Quran tutor who could teach my kids about Quran and Islam. After a long search I could find any tutor who could come to my home and teach Quran to my children. Luckily when doing online search, if found about the-mcc.org and tried their trial service. During the trial period I supervised the classes and found that the method of teaching was quite interesting and the Quran tutor had through knowledge about the rules of pronunciation. Thus, my first two kids learned Quran from the same teacher without me worrying about dropping them to a Quran academy or having to deal with the problems of academies. Now my third child is also a student at the-mcc.org and highly recommend it to all those Muslim parents residing in countries of West to have your kids enrolled with Quranway110 to make them learn Quran and about Islam as well.